Boston, USA

The Rockwell
Sept 19 - Nov 30

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“By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.”

It’s back! Your favorite Scottish family is coming round again as the Boston Bastards plunge into the hearty world of tragedy at The Rockwell in Somerville with their hit show Shit-faced Shakespeare®: Macbeth.

Upon hearing the weird sister’s prediction, Macbeth and his tiger wife take matters into their own hands and manage to burn down everything in their wake. Well, almost. Fair is foul and foul is fair in this tale of prophecy gone slightly off the rails. Perhaps we should add a bit of liquor to help the process along?

Featuring Shakespeare’s most lovable witches, ghostly best friends, hell-hounds, unhinged wives, enough dead kings to give Game of Thrones a run for its money, and lots of plaid, Scotland storms Boston this fall.

Settle in for a pint (or two!) and raise a glass with us. Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the classic combination of a Tetris-ed together Shakespeare script, a six pack of professional actors and a luge flow of booze! What could possibly go right?

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare® is perfect for those wishing to add to their repertoire of colorful language and not for those who blush easily at the mere mention of the “F” word…

Shit-faced Shakespeare®: Macbeth is playing exclusively at The Rockwell in 2019.

Grab your tickets early to get in on this limited time run!

Dramatis personæ

Shit-faced Shakespeare® features a cast of rotating players covering multiple roles over a run. You can, however, expect to see some of these Magnificent Bastards appearing in this production:

Noah Simes

Deep in the jungle, there lurks a beast with a tongue as long as twelve smaller jungle creatures standing nose to tail. It uses this tongue to hunt small prey and to attract a mate during the rainy season. It has, according to scientists, the 2nd most prodigious tongue in nature. Noah is number one on that list. Noah acts for Shit-faced Shakespeare and is 'podcast famous'. He's got a long tongue.

Tyler Rosati

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a full day. Teach Tyler how to unlock your phone and you'll have dick-pics for life. We're not saying Tyler is personally responsible for every dick-pic you receive of course...He's just really good at adding people to 'specifically curated' mailing lists. Tyler is a highly respected actor, producer, director, and would appreciate it if you didn't tell his agent he was in this show.

Laura Sullivan

Please do not adjust your hearing device, that's really how quiet Laura is...I know right! On a clear night with a still wind, Laura's dulcet tones can be heard gently wafting over Boston Harbor as far as Cape Town. Truly an acoustic wonder, Laura performs, produces, and directs for Shit-faced Shakespeare and is an original company member. One day she hopes to leave.

Brett Milanowski

Brett is one of our original Boston Shit-faced Shakesperians. Despite appearances he’s only been doing this for four years and has actually improved in that time. When asked, Brett claims that this show is the second worst thing that has ever happened to him...we didn’t ask about the first. Brett acts, directs, and produces for Shit-faced Shakespeare. Brett is rapidly approaching his 40th birthday. He won’t say from which direction.

Lewis Ironside

Lewis is the creator of Shit-faced Shakespeare and an overall major twat. His wife is a neuroscientist and the entirety of Shit-faced Shakespeare loves her much more than him. Full stop. End bio.

Liz Hartford

In the same way one could describe the Titanic as a “underwater tourism experience” it would be accurate to describe Liz as a “sexual pioneer”. There is almost no act of human to human intimacy that she is incapable of misunderstanding. To be regaled by tales of Liz’s love life is to gaze directly into the swirling vortex where ineptitude, hilarity, genitalia and injury collide. Liz is a highly respected actor, currently single, and did not write this bio.

Raisa Hoffman

Raisa is “a little bit psychic”. We’ve never had cause to doubt this as thee told us about it long before we even asked. Spooky, eh?! Despite spending 90% of her working life on an exercise bike she has, somehow, maintained the grace & control of a recently tranquilized gazelle. Raisa acts for Shit-faced Shakespeare and can speak backwards on command. Spooky, eh?!