A Midsummer Night's Dream

Colchester, UK

Colchester, Arts Centre
Nov 29

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“Lord what fools these mortals be!”

The smash-hit, internationally acclaimed, award-winning, multi sell-out fringe phenomenon is finally off on a UK tour with their version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Four young lovers find themselves lost in the woods and in the hands of a mischievous sex obsessed fairy. Dosed up on Puck’s “magical flower” the lovers develop new objects of desire. Let’s see if a disheveled drunk will help to clear up the confusion?

Featuring 16th century ‘love juice’, a woman obsessed with spaniels, donkey headed humans, foul mouthed fairies and a head spinning square of passionate admiration, you will leave Shit-faced Shakespeare® feeling dizzy from excitement (or one too many drinks at the bar).

Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the hilarious combination of an entirely serious adaptation of a Shakespearean classic, with an entirely shit-faced cast member.

With one cast member selected at random and given four hours to drink before every show we present to you classical theatre as it was always meant to be seen. With a gin in one hand, a cup of wine in the other and a flagon of ale in the other… What could possibly go wrong?

Shit-faced Shakespeare®: A Midsummer Night’s Dream is playing all over the UK this winter. If you can’t make this date check out the other options on our UK homepage.