A Midsummer Night's Dream

Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast Laughs Festival, HOTA
Mar 22 - Mar 23

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“O me, you juggler, you canker-blossom, you thief of love!”

Magnificent Bastard Productions bring their award winning smash hit show to debut on the Gold Coast with their original production Shit-faced Shakespeare®: A Misdummer Night’s Dream.

Four young lovers from ancient Greece find themselves lost in the woods at night with only a complex love quadrangle to keep them warm. Good job this place isn’t infested with randy fairies eh?

With transmutations, sword fights, liberal applications of love potions, horny behavior from all directions, sexually transgressive fairies, and at least one exposed Bottom; this is not Shakespeare for the faint of heart or weak of liver!

May contain glitter.

Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the incredibly clever combination of a 1 hour adaptation of a Shakespeare play with the careful application of a single inebriated actor into the mix. Bugger me, we’re brainy eh?

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare contains foul language, occasional nudity and mangled iambic pentameter!

Following sell out runs at Adelaide and Canberra in 2018 Shit-faced Shakespeare® are finally bringing their award winning nonsense to the Gold Coast for the very first time. Be a mucker and go laugh at em’. Book early to avoid acute FOMO