A Midsummer Night's Dream

Canberra, Australia

Canberra Comedy Festival, Street Theatre
Mar 20 - Mar 21

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“The Course of true love never did run smooth”

The original Shitfaced Shakespeare show from 2010 makes its way Down under as Magnificent Bastard Productions return to the Canberra Comedy Festival with Shit-faced Shakespeare®: A Misdummer Night’s Dream.

Four young lovers from ancient Greece find themselves lost in the woods at night with only a complex love quadrangle to keep them warm. Good job this place isn’t infested with randy fairies eh?

With transmutations, sword fights, liberal applications of love potions, horny behavior from all directions, sexually transgressive fairies, and at least one exposed Bottom; this is not yer’ grandma’s Shakespeare!

May contain glitter.

Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the genius combination of a 1 hour long Shakespeare play with a single drunken cast member hurled into the mix for the audience’s delight and delectation.

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare contains real traces of actual Shakespeare and deeply inappropriate behavior throughout!

Following a total sell out of their run at the 2018 Canberra Comedy Festival (they did 1 night) Shit-faced Shakespeare are back with an all new show and two - bloody count em’, two - performances for 2019! Book early or miss what all the fuss is about.